Minutes of the Meeting 05022018

Meeting Information

Date : 05/02/2018

Time: 10:00 – 11:00

Location : Student Union Building 3rd Floor Fiesta Room 1 University of New Mexico Albuquerque, NM


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Interactive Website Presentation



- Jimmy gave the welcome and requested name and department introductions.

- David Jacobs presented the Interactive Website, explained the importance of the interactive map, how many traffic crash data requests are completed by UNM-GPS each year, and showed the detailed features of the dashboard, story map, and crash maps. Then, the meeting moved into discussion and feedback.

- David Nelson suggested providing sample size and error rate so that the viewer can verify if he could have a conclusion or not when the sample size is too small.

- Dely explained that the crash data is not a sample and represents the whole population or universe.

- Kimberly Wildharber asked if the interactive map can show traffic volume.  David Jacobs said the interactive map can be integrated with VMT if Shaun Noonan can provide the GIS shapefile or link to NMDOT’s online ArcGIS account.

- Paul Sittig suggested also having roadway network and roadway condition GIS data integrated and was glad that GPS will support GIS data coordination and integration between different groups.

- Dely informed the audience that there is a large amount of missing data because many crash reports are filled out incorrectly or incompletely. The interactive map will enable law enforcement to recognize how many of their crash reports are incomplete.

- Pedro suggested that the data summary or statistics can be added to the shapefile, table or embedded to the print option.

- Dely asked NMDOT if they want the site to be a public, what should be the highest level of access, how much data they should see, and how much data should be shared with other agencies.

- Kimberly Wildharber asked if MVD DWI arrest data can be geocoded and added to the interactive map.

- Dely said that if the data point of the arrest can be shared, then it could be included.

- Jimmy asked if it’s possible to have the checkpoint and arrest locations pulled from E-Grants system.

- Jessica explained that data from MVD’s DWI arrest database are not geocoded, and that the locations are not well defined.

- Dely said that her department will need to clarify whether the MVD can be shared and whether it is possible to publish it to the website.

- Jimmy explained that we should expect users to be confused about why a location doesn’t show as much data as other sources. Often it’s because the user is expecting their maps to show private property crashes, crashes that did not involve a motor vehicle, and crashes with less than $500 in damage.

- Jessica asked the audience to keep in mind that this was a demo to show the potential features of the interactive map website. Improvements in layout, wording, and the type of data displayed would be addressed as the project moved forward.

- Jessica suggested integrating a FAQ (frequency asked questions) into the interactive map with answers to questions such as “Why are crashes that I know occurred not showing on my map?” to help reduce confusion.


Other Notes and Information:

The maps will only be on the site for the next few days and should not be shared with anyone.