Adélamar N. Alcántara, Ph.D.

Dr. Alcantara is widely recognized for her expertise in applied demography. She has also conducted significant research in other areas of sociology and demography, including studies on fertility, mortality, migration, Indian education, poverty, welfare reform, health insurance access, and gender studies. Her works have been featured in national and international professional conferences, including those of the Population Association of America, Kenya Scholar Studies Association, International Union for the Scientific Study in Population and Asian Population Association, and Philippine Academic Consortium for Latin American Studies.

In 2011, Dr. Alcantara founded and became director of Geospatial and Population Studies. As director, she oversees both day-to-day operations of the unit and cross-cutting strategic planning for the group.
M.A., Ph.D. (Sociology/Demography), University of Hawaii/East-West Center, 1977, 1990
B.A. (Philosophy/Psychology), University of the Philippines, 1968