Billystrom Jivetti, Ph.D.

Research Scientist III
Dr. Jivetti works on multifaceted research subprojects involving the use, adaptation, and modification of scientific methods, techniques, and procedures. As of early 2018, his current research projects are in global health and US education policy. The global health research explores the differential health-care-seeking behavior at a peripheral health facility in Western Kenya. This study interlaces global policies such as the UN's Sustainable Development Goals, which includes a goal to “Ensure healthy lives and promote well-being for all at all ages.” The US education policy project is exploring the returns to advanced education and the risk of falling into poverty. This is a comparative analysis for age cohorts 20-64 years across the decades from 1980 to 2014. The findings are expected to inform and refine policies that affect educational attainment, in regard to factors such as age, sex, birth place, immigration, citizenship, and employment status in the United States.

Dr. Jivetti is also establishing collaborations with international institutions and government agencies.

Before joining IGPS, he taught at Wiley College and Texas College in East Texas for four years.
Ph.D. (Rural Sociology), University of Missouri – Columbia
M.S. (International Studies), Oklahoma State University
Master of Environmental Science, Miami University, Ohio
B.S. (Biology), Kenyatta University-Nairobi, Kenya