Multi-Year Maps

Poster Maps

Ruidoso Animal-involved Crash Map

Albuquerque Pedestrians Crash Maps, 2014-2016

Heavy Truck-involved Crash Density Maps by State Police District, 2010-2014

Motorcycle Advisory Committee Maps
Motorcycle-involved Crash Maps, 2012-2014

Alcohol-involved Fatalities in the Vicinity of US 64 and I-40 in San Juan and McKinley Counties, 2012-2014

Fatalities and Serious Injuries Alcohol-involved Crashes, 2012-2014

Alcohol-involved Drivers with One or More Prior DWI Arrests in Crashes Involving Fatal, Suspected Serious, or Suspected Minor Injuries, 2012 - 2014

County-level Fatal Alcohol-involved Crash Maps, 2010-2014, Safer New Mexico Now Law Enforcement Conference, July 2015

Maps for the New Mexico Motorcycle Safety Program

Safety Corridor Candidates 2007-2011*

2005 - 2009 Maps

2004 - 2008 Maps

2003 - 2007 Maps