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New Mexico Traffic Crash Data

This website provides access to a variety of New Mexico traffic crash and DWI (driving while impaired) data available on behalf of the  New Mexico Department of Transportation, Traffic Safety Division, Traffic Records Bureau (NMDOT).

Available data includes:

  1. Traffic crash trends and statistics
  2. Impact of traffic safety programs
  3. Analytical reports on crash-related issues
  4. Maps displaying traffic crash data

This website is maintained by the University of New Mexico, Geospatial and Population Studies, Traffic Research Unit (TRU). We are formerly known as the UNM Division of Government Research (DGR). Data available on this website are for use by state government, communities and the public to guide decision-making on how to make New Mexico roads safer. We do not release data without the consent of NMDOT.

To obtain crash data not already provided on this website, contact NMDOT directly for data requests by using the online data request form. Once NMDOT receives your request for crash data, you will either receive a phone call or an e-mail confirming your request. More information about how to request crash data can be obtained on our website at: Request Data

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NMDOT crash data is protected by federal mandate Title 23 U.S.C. Section 409 which forbids the discovery and admission into evidence of reports, data, or other information compiled or collected for activities required pursuant to federal highway safety programs, or for the purpose of developing any highway safety construction improvement project, which may be implemented utilizing federal-aid highway funds, in tort litigation arising from occurrences at the locations addressed in such documents or data.