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To obtain crash data not already provided on this website, contact NMDOT diretly for data requests by using the online data request form. Once NMDOT recieves your request for crash data, you will either recieve a phone call or an e-mail confirming your request. 

This includes requests for site specific data, for excample a crashes at Main St at 1st Ave or along I-25 from mile post 150 to 160. Please and we will get you back as soon as possible. 



NMDOT crash data is protected by federal mandate Title 23 U.S.C. Section 409 which forbids the discovery and admission into evidence of reports, data, or other information compiled or collected for activities required pursuant to federal highway safety programs, or for the purpose of developing any highway safety construction improvement project, which may be implemented utilizing federal-aid highway funds, in tort litigation arising from occurrences at the locations addressed in such documents or data.